Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Muslims help to track extremists
Islamic leaders urge an end to protests
5:30 AM Wednesday Sep 19, 2012  New Zealand Herald

Protesters march through Sydney. Photo / AFP

Islamic leaders have moved rapidly to stamp on extremists within their communities and heal serious rifts with other Australians in the wake of last Saturday's violent riot in Sydney.
Leaders of a wide range of Islamic groups met in Sydney and Melbourne - where they were joined by the city's Coptic Christian Bishop - as police tracked ringleaders through inflammatory texts and dozens of tips from within the Muslim community.
With conservative columnists and politicians calling for tougher measures, including demands for new barriers to Islamic immigration, Muslim organizations and websites received hundreds of death threats and abusive messages.
The leaders of 25 Sydney Muslim organizations yesterday condemned the violence, called for the "handful" of extremist troublemakers to be identified and punished by law, and urged that there be no further protests.
Texts obtained by ABC television's 7.30 Report advocated confrontation to deliver a strong message not only against the YouTube video mocking the Prophet Muhammad, but also other "intentional and deliberate attempts" to humiliate Islam.
The ABC also reported that protest leaders included some radicals with known links to Islamic extremism, including cases involving charges in 2005 brought against five men for planning a terror attack.
Immigration Minister Chris Bowen is examining the possibility of cancelling the visas of any non-citizens charged in connection with the riot.
Lebanese Muslim Association president Samier Dandan told a press conference yesterday that it was no surprise people known to police were among the alleged ringleaders, and that the Muslim community would help to identify them . . . .
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Peter’s Piece

Whether it is racist films, emails or text messages the perpetrators are usually unsavory people who often have a criminal history.

They are filthy cowards who rely on gullible people to pass on their dirty work to others. People who receive and pass on hate propaganda thinking it will give their friends a laugh, or worse stir up hatred, are cowards too.

Racism is popular almost all over the world, but that doesn’t make it right.

Racists should try circulating or debating something that will make the world a better place, a cause they genuinely believe in, even if it may not be a popular cause.