Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Thomas A Edison on religion

Thomas Edison (February 11, 1847 – October 18, 1931), the world’s most prolific inventor, was famous for his views on religion and once said:
Thomas Edison / Photo Wikipedia

Nature is what we know. We do not know the gods of religions. And nature is not kind, or merciful, or loving. If God made me — the fabled God of the three qualities of which I spoke: mercy, kindness, love — He also made the fish I catch and eat. And where do His mercy, kindness, and love for that fish come in? No; nature made us — nature did it all — not the gods of the religions.

Peter’s Piece

If Edison were alive today he may have said, “Read The Da Vinci Code.”

Get Ready for Aviation's Greatest Week
EAA AirVenture 2013  |  July 29 - August 4  |  Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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AirVenture Camping: The World's Greatest Aviation 'Family Reunion'
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Escape to the Aviators Club
Recharge your batteries (and cell phones) at the Aviators Club, an air-conditioned oasis for EAA members. Presented by Shell Aviation, the Aviators Club features breakfast and lunch served daily, prime seats for the air shows, plus a slew of other amenities. A limited number of passes are available, so secure your spot today!

Raise Your Oshkosh to a New Level
Elevate your Oshkosh experience and see the World's Greatest Aviation Celebration from a new perspective with an aircraft ride. Did we mention it could be from a B-17 Flying Fortress, 1929 Ford Tri-Motor, or Schweitzer 333 helicopter? Purchase your flights.

A World of Knowledge at Oshkosh
The AirVenture 2013 forums schedule and many workshops are now posted, with many sessions available across the spectrum of aviation! More details on workshops, evening programs, museum speakers and more are coming soon, too. Create your itinerary >>

Just Announced! This year's Warbirds in Review lineup is a must-see destination. Delve into an aircraft's restoration and hear veterans share their stories.

Flying In? Download the NOTAM Today
A must-read for those flying their aircraft in, the AirVenture NOTAM outlines procedures for all aircraft flying into Oshkosh as well as aircraft landing and departing at nearby airports. Download the AirVenture NOTAM.

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Lace 'em Up for the Runway 5K
Get your Super Saturday off on the right (and left) foot by navigating a unique, aircraft-lined course in the annual Runway 5K Run/Walk benefiting the Oshkosh Area United Way. Don't delay! Discount ends June 30.
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See you there July 29 - August 4

Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Friends in far away places
Below is a copy of an email received today:

Hello friend,

I hope my email meets you well. I am in need of your assistance. My name is Sgt Larry Smith. I am in the Engineering military unit here in Ba'qubah in Iraq,we have some amount of funds that we want to move out of the country.

My partners and I need a good partner someone we can trust. It is oil money and legal.

Basically since we are working for the government we cannot keep these funds, but we want to transfer and move the funds to you, so that you can keep it for us in your safe account or an offshore account. But we are moving it through Diplomatic means, to send it to your house directly or a bank of your choice using Diplomatic Courier Service.

The most important thing is that can we trust you? Once the funds get to you, you take your 30% out and keep our own 70%. Your own part of this deal is to find a safe place where the funds can be sent to. Our own part is sending it to you.If you are interested i will furnish you with more details.

But the whole process is simple and we must keep a low profile at all times. Waiting for your urgent response. reply back if interested (

This business is risk free.

Sgt Samuel Edward

Peter’s Piece

This is a change from some of the earlier attempts to defraud me.

This one shows a bit more class and imagination, but I’m disappointed that he is only a sergeant and not a general, a bank president, or a prince. I guess he’s working on his rapid promotion through the ranks.

I like the assurance at the end claiming that the business is risk free. I also like the way he became confused about his own name by the time he had finished composing the email.

Sgt Larry Smith aka Sgt. Samuel Edward is just another con-artist and readers should avoid him like the plague.

Larry Smith/Samuel Edward

would fit nicely into the pages

of this e-book

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Monday, 17 June 2013


New Zealanders, Australia's 'Underclass'
By Robert Burton-Bradley  -

The flag of Australia
Documents released under Freedom of Information reveal the Federal Government has been concerned since 2008 about New Zealanders isolated from support, education and pathways to citizenship, reports Robert Burton-Bradley

The flag of New Zealand
Documents released (pdf) under Freedom of Information reveal the Federal Government is worried about a growing "underclass" of New Zealanders living and working in Australia with limited rights and without access to basic government services.

The FOI release from the Departments of Community Services, Immigration and Foreign Affairs show that as far back as 2008 there was increasing concern for the estimated 566,000 New Zealand citizens now living in Australia, drawn here by a "40 per cent wage gap". At least 240,000 fall into the post 2001 non-protected visa category.

New Zealanders can live and work in Australia indefinitely as Special Category Visa holders, but following changes to the migration program those who arrived after 2001 fall into the "non-protected category" with no access to basic social services such as unemployment benefits, parenting payments, sickness allowance or HECS-funded study. They will not be covered by the National Disability Insurance Scheme when it begins.

In early 2009, with the GFC beginning to hurt, the situation was making itself clear to staff at the Department of Community Services. In March of that year a section manager working for the department's international policy section wrote: "We have recently seen an increase in correspondence around non protected SCV holders and their inability to access working age payments. I suspect this issue will only intensify with the downturn in the economy . . . . 

See the full story at:

Peter’s Piece

If Australians want the production and taxes of New Zealanders then they should be prepared to give them the protection that they have been taxed for. In this case the taxation really is nothing less than theft and extortion.

I have always found most Australians very reasonable people, but I would say to those who object to sharing their country with other taxpayers, they should exercise their own option and go somewhere else to live.

For more than 200 years Australia and New Zealand
have been like one nation. Has the time come to
make it one nation?
Read about the first years of Australia
in this hard-to-put-down book

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Britain First fanatics distort
the truth to win support

From the Britain First website:
Man who put up sign banning non-Asians
from his property let off by judge

A man who put up a sign outside of his home threatening any non-Asians who called there, or who talked to the residents, with violence has been let off by a judge.

Jim Dowson, left, and three of his Britain First henchmen

Vaseem Gova, of Parkhurst Road, Sutton, was handed an absolute discharge after appearing at Croydon Magistrates charged with a public order offence – because of “exceptional circumstances” namely that he faced losing his tenancy if convicted.

According to the Sutton Guardian, the sign read: “An Asian family occupy this property. If you are not Asian or a member of my family you MUST seek permission from the estate management before attempting to talk to anyone from this household.

“Failure to adhere to this heartfelt advice will render your life a misery and threats of serious assault and carjacking will reign upon you so fast that you will wonder why this street is not called Parkhurst Prison.”

Wonder if a sympathetic judge would have let off someone who put up a “no Asians allowed or you’ll be seriously assaulted” sign outside of their home.

You know the answer, their feet wouldn’t touch the ground and not one judge would give a damn about their tenancy.

Funny how it seems that the law is more lenient and sympathetic towards certain groups of people than others.

Peter’s Piece

Before readers get their blood pressure up over this article they should consider what really happened in that court, and what Britain First is really about.

It is true that a person was charged in the Croydon Magistrates Court with a racist offence and he was found guilty and ordered to pay £325 costs. This outcome was not the same as that claimed by Britain First. However, the defendant was discharged without conviction so that his tenancy would not be lost. That’s not an unusual outcome and it is to be hoped that he, and others like him, will think twice before repeating the offence.

Now let’s look at Britain First.

Britain First was registered as a political pressure group in 2011 after its leader Jim Dowson split acrimoniously from the racist British National Party where he was the chief fund-raiser.
Dowson is a clever fanatic who makes money, and political capital, from the prejudices of people who are easily influenced. His hobby horses are racism, immigration, abortion and Christian morality. The ‘Hope Not Hate’ organization has described Dowson, 48, as ‘the cash cow of the far right.’

However, while Dowson is skilled at producing inflaming reports of the court appearances of others, he has also made his own appearances. Last month he appeared in court, with the leaders of several other extremist groups, wearing a boiler-suit with ‘Political Prisoner’ on the back.

He is in cahoots with such trouble-makers as the Progressive Unionist Party, the Ulster Volunteer Force, and the Ulster Defence Association.
His stated objective is ‘to save this country and our people from the EU, politically correct, multicultural insanity that is now engulfing us.’
Rape is another issue that Dowson and Britain First like to sound off about with one claim that of 130 rape charges in a particular part of Britain, 116 were British and 14 were foreign nationals. Surely a figure like that must confirm that foreign nationals are under-represented in the crime statistics.
But a complaint from a British National candidate, Shelley Rose, in 2010 that she was groped by Dowson, coincided with his departure from the party.
Dowson and Britain First are skilled at whipping up bandwagon hysteria, but more cautious minds will see the likenesses with the early days of Hitler’s Nazi Party.

Saturday, 8 June 2013


She can write a world best seller, 
but she gets phoners block

I like this post on author Julie Thomas’s blog:

I’ve had a hard day today in some ways. I can do a certain amount of things on my computer, some reasonably complicated. I can set my MYSKY machine to record Tv programmes days ahead, I can programme and download and connect cables…but I’m not happy about hand-held devices. I look at ipads and iphones and ipods and think idon’t.

So, today my trusty Nokia phone died. I paid $100 for it in 2006 and it replaced one that was about the size of my shoe. People used to tease me about my ‘mobile’ phone. I was excited when I got a new smaller one and it seemed easy to use, on, off, text, make a phone call. What else did I need?
The Keeper of Secrets by Julie Thomas
launching soon worldwide

Today it wouldn’t charge. I took it to my local Vodafone dealer and the girl looked at it with something akin to awe. “It still goes?” Silly question. “Well no, that’s why I’m here.”

After much angst I bought a Samsung little black thing. It has features like a camera (a camera???) and I think I might be able to check emails on it. Perish the thought. She put my old SIM card in and told me I’ll have access to all my contacts. Makes me sound like 007. At the moment it is ‘fully charging’. I’ve read the large fold out instructions and it might as well have been in Mandarin or Japanese for all the sense it made.

When the charging process is over I’ll have a go at customizing things like the ring tone and the screen saver and try to send a text. One of those “Did you get this text?” messages that Luddites send.

For a while I shall grieve for my little Nokia, we’ve been through SO much together and the letters and numbers are all worn off the keypad. I’ve heard about births and deaths on that phone, houses bought and sold, I’ve washed it with tears when I texted for reassurance as I thought my Mum was dying, heard about jobs I didn’t get and ones I did….it seems so cruel to assign it to a drawer. Such is the price of technology.

You better give me grand service little black Samsung, you better be there when I need you and never let me down. You have huge silver Nokia shoes to fill.

Peter’s Piece

I know exactly how she feels. I have a 2007 Nokia and I have to check it every few minutes to make sure it is still charging. I know how to use the Nokia now, after six years learning.

But I'm going to have to face reality soon. I need to be able to email, blog and Facebook on the go. For my upcoming trip to the USA I need to be able do all these things from the Grand Canyon, the Rockies, Oshkosh AirVenture in Wisconsin, Yellowstone and more. 

I'll need something that will work on the US networks and something that takes 110 volts. But I've got buyers block. Is there anything I can take for that?

My Little Nokia

My little Nokia is a friendly phone
When it’s with me I’m never alone

On the highway I’m hands-free
I’ve got a nifty Bluetooth, you see

It sits so comfy in my ear
Until it rings I forget it’s near

I’ll take a shower, shampoo my hair
With that little Bluetooth in there

But alas should it fall down the loo
Passers-by would see right through


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