Sunday, 16 September 2012


For sale: A friendly
woman ghost
5:30 AM Sunday Sep 16, 2012

The Foveaux Hotel at Bluff, New Zealand comes with its own ghost

A southern New Zealand hotel haunted by a ghost who likes tall men is for sale.
Guests at the Foveaux Hotel in Bluff regularly claim a bedroom door has been opened by a female ghost.
Owner Nikki Little believed the ghost was of Mary Cameron, the original owner of the Temperance Hotel which was constructed on the Gore Street site in 1899.
The Temperance Hotel was demolished to make way for the construction of the art deco-style Foveaux Hotel in the 1930s, but Mary's spirit apparently lived on in the premises.
She said the ghost tended to favor tall male guests staying in room two.
"Every time we have tall men staying in room two they report the bedroom door opening by itself. Sometimes they complain to us that the door is broken or won't close but when we go up it just closes. But it's not a scary ghost," she said.
The hotel will be auctioned by Bayleys in Queenstown on September 27.

More in the Herald:

Peter’s Piece

For many years a rumor circulated about a ghost in a room at the old Chateau Tongariro in the central North Island.

It was reported that some guests who were ‘unwelcome’ would wake up in the morning to find their luggage already packed and placed outside the door.

I was unaware of these rumors until I stayed in that room one night and was obliged to get up and close the door three times during the night. The last time I checked by pulling on the door after closing it to find that it was firmly shut. But in the morning it was open again.

The old hotel had been used as a mental hospital during the 1940's and rumor had it that a patient had hung himself in that room and some people believed that he was still there protecting his territory with subtle urgings for guests to depart.

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