Wednesday, 12 October 2016


A preview of President Donald Trump’s inaugural speech

By Richard Seymour-Legge

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This document has been made available to a selected few people for their feedback only. It should not be shared or posted publicly before the inaugural address is delivered in January 2017. If you have received this classified document in error, you should immediately destroy/delete it without reading it or discussing its contents with any person whatsoever.

My fellow Americans, I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest presidential inauguration address in the history of the world.

Four score and ten years ago my father, Frederick Christ Trump, in whose shadow I stand today, was arrested while engaged in a New York riot while wearing a uniform of the KKK. My father knew who should be on which side of the tracks. My father became a momentous great beacon light of hope to the millions that he owed to banks when he overstated his building costs and was investigated by a US Senate committee in 1954 and found to have overcharged by $3.7 million. My father, Fred Christ Trump, was the world’s greatest mentor. Without his inspiring mentorship I could never have learned to make billions while paying no tax.
The 2017 United States flag

My fellow Americans, I have a scheme.

I have a scheme that will outlaw taxation, all taxation and every form of taxation, for those who contribute the most to this great nation’s economic well-being by employing workers and producing the nation’s electronics, air services, hotels, casinos, and the contractors who will build and run the thousands of extra prisons that will be needed in the future. Prison will be prison, an eye will be an eye, a tooth will be a tooth, and the Clintons will be incarcerated for three life sentences each.

I have a scheme.

Former Presidents Obama and Lincoln will be removed from America’s official list of famous leaders and sent to a hall of shame along with that Bible bashing Martin Luther King, although I do acknowledge that he had a damned good speech writer. My fellow Americans, the Negro now has too much freedom. Some of them even live in houses and most are rapists, and I pledge to send them all back to China where they came from.
I have a scheme.

In a sense I’ve come to our great nation’s capital to cash your check. When the architects of our republic wrote the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence they were signing a promissory note made out to President Donald J Trump, and when the note has been cashed I will run this nation like a business, like a Trump business, and I will, by presidential decree, suspend the Constitution of the United States of America. I will create a great new nation which shall be known as the United States of Trump. On the advice of my esteemed friend Betty Windsor, I pledge to create the Kingdom of Trump.

My fellow Americans, I have a scheme.

The unalienable right to life, liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness will not apply to Mexicans, Muslims, Negros, democrats, immigration agents, and political agitators because they will be on the other side of the wall which they will pay for. And pay they will. Any check that comes back marked “insufficient funds” will lead to an immediate execution of the guilty one without right of appeal. And they will build the wall, even if they have to build it using chips from a bankrupt casino. They will build the wall, with the hard labor help of the imprisoned Clintons, they will build the wall. It will be a greater wall than the one in China.

I have a scheme.

From this day forward, America will be raised from the dark and desolate valley of taxation and accountability to the sunlit path of Trump supremacy and the outlawing of business bankruptcy for evermore. Now is the time when the quicksands of business bankruptcy will be replaced by a rock-solid business brotherhood. Jesus was the second name on my father’s birth certificate. I am the son of God. My disciples will be my cabinet.

Now as your ruler, I am not unmindful that some of you have had great trials and tribulations during the sweltering heat of the campaign, but now the Clintons will soon be locked away and I won’t ever again be asked to make public my tax returns, and tranquillity shall reign throughout the land.

Preacher King said we cannot walk alone, but that was fifty years ago, when I was starting my first business with my daddy’s millions. Now I can walk alone. The Republican Party won’t walk with me, but who cares? I can walk on water if I have to. Even though I have faced the most serious allegations during my life, I still have a scheme. It is a scheme deeply rooted in the American scheme. Yes, I have a scheme. It is the scheme that one day very soon all male, white Americans will be born equally tax free. I have a scheme that the tenements of the New York slums will be subjected to rent hikes to offset the losses of all the other Trump enterprises, both failed and failing.

I have a scheme.

I have a scheme that this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal except aliens, darkies and pussies. So let us not wallow in the valley of despair, my friends . . . 

As your President, I have many presidential prerogatives to propagate and I must bring this great inaugural address to a close. I will address you again in four years, and again eight years, but meanwhile I have an important appointment with the Ellen Degenerate Show. Thank you, my fellow Americans, and don’t forget I have a scheme for everything.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016


How reliable are viral posts on social media?

The greatest fear in the western world today appears to be that Muslim refugees and terrorists are taking over the world and are hell-bent on destroying Christianity and western civilisation in the name of Allah.

But is there anything new in the world when it comes to nasty, dangerous bigots spreading their poisonous bait for a gullible public to feed on?

Bigotry is as old as mankind. The only things that change over time are the targets and the means for spreading the hatred. But spreading it, and having is accepted, is easy because it is human nature to be negative about the future and about the things we don’t understand.

Before a majority of people could read and write, the original carrier of hatred was word of mouth, and while that means is still used today, it is not used exclusively. Newspapers became the new means by which people learned about the world and its dangers. 

Newspapers were a great vehicle for galvanising populations in readiness for war. It was difficult to question anything published in newspapers. Newspapers were seen as an authority and few people questioned the contents of their daily rag. Dissenters could go to a library and do their own research, and they could write a letter to the editor but only selected letters were ever published.
Bendix  Hallenstein

The news underwent some liberalisation with the arrival of radio and later television due to the competition that they offered, and that often led to opposing opinions being published or broadcast. But even then there was a reluctance to go against the grain of popular opinion or to get into conflict with authority. Loyal citizens just didn’t do that.

Then along came the internet and social media. It didn’t matter if a newspaper editor wouldn’t publish a letter. The citizenry could then do their own publishing, and in ever increasing numbers they now do. This state of affairs has certainly led to more openness, but also to more exposure of all that is false and misleading. This is simply because the population has largely forgotten the traditional library and is still to learn that there is an even larger library on the internet where they can find confirmation or rejection for the myriads of myths, hoaxes and scams that circulate on the internet and elsewhere. It is just too easy to read something on social media, accept it then and there as accurate if it looks good, and share it with others.

But to understand the bigotry of today it is also essential to understand the bigotry of the past. It tells us that bigots are always in search of fertile new grounds and that they will always pick on minorities in the area in which they spread their hatred. This is basically because bigots are cowards.

To give an example of the connection between bigotry and cowardice, I recall a party at an Auckland house in the 1970s. It was a time of much hatred of Poms (English) in New Zealand. There was even a ‘Punch a Pom’ campaign at the time. A Kiwi at the party detected an English accent and proclaimed loudly, “All Poms should be sent home as deck cargo on submarines.” The room suddenly went quiet as all the Poms stood up and silently faced the bigot, who without another utterance quickly left the party.

This writer lived in Australia for two years during the early 1960s working as a door-to-door salesman and witnessed first-hand the shameful treatment that Australians dished out to immigrants, not to me, but to those who were obviously immigrants and particularly to immigrants from Italy and Greece who were arriving in large numbers at the time. They were called Wogs and were accused of taking Australian jobs, involvement in organised crime, failing to assimilate into the Australian way of life, refusing to learn English and a host of other un-Australian maledictions. Of course it was obvious later that the Australians had been totally wrong on every point and today many of the household names in business, politics, the arts and sport are Italian and Greek; names like Albanese, Bouris, Campese, Contouri and Makris.

But, for those who think the world is in a worse state now than ever before, let’s go back over a hundred years to the Great War (the war to end all wars). Anti-German feeling and propaganda was running high in May 1915 throughout the British colony of New Zealand, and thousands of young New Zealanders had gone overseas to fight for the Empire. In provincial Wanganui, it was alleged that a local butcher by the name of Heinold refused to allow his children to sing the national anthem in school. Heinold, a German born New Zealand citizen, was obliged to pay for a newspaper advertisement to clear his name. But that only inflamed the situation further. On the advice of police, Heinold closed his shop and fled before a crowd of 3,000 irate patriots hurled bricks at the windows and reduced the shop to ruins. Then they raised the Union Jack (not the official New Zealand flag) and sang patriotic songs.

The angry crowd then turned on the premises of the Dresden Piano Company and Hallenstein’s men’s outfitters. The total damage for the three shops was, in 2016 values, about half a million dollars. Little did they know that all the victims were all loyal New Zealanders who happened to have German names. Most notable of all was Bendix Hallenstein (1835-1905) who founded the Hallenstein business in 1873 and was a onetime mayor of Queenstown and Member of Parliament. But poor Bendix had been dead ten years when Wanganui’s patriotic thugs destroyed the Wanganui branch of Hallenstein’s nationwide chain. Little did these ignorant Wanganui criminals realise that the businesses they destroyed were insured by British insurance companies. Such is the stupidity of the merchants of hate.

Meanwhile, in Wellington at Victoria University, where one would expect a degree of logic and reason to prevail, Professor George von Zedlitz was dismissed from his post as professor of modern languages for no other reason than he had a German father and an English mother.

So why did these thugs commit their terrible crimes in the name of patriotism? Put simply, they failed to get their facts right. They were misinformed by people who should have known better and they failed to authenticate the information they were given about who their country’s enemies might be.

In today’s context, that means checking what you read on social media. There are lots of reliable sites that people can turn to for the truth including Snopes and Hoax Slayer. When you see something on Facebook or a blog that is racist, religious, or about conspiracies, please authenticate it before liking, sharing or commenting. It may be just a load of old codswallop and spreading in may do far more harm than good.

Monday, 3 October 2016


Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Chinese all used herbal remedies

From archaeological evidence it has been found that herbal remedies date back at least 60,000 years, and written evidence confirms the use of herbs at least 5,000 years ago. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Chinese all have a history of widespread herbal medicine use going back thousands of years. Supporters of herbal, or natural, remedies are often quick to point out this long history when making a comparison with manufactured pharmaceuticals, or chemical products. So what is the truth?

From 60,000 years ago to about 4,000 years ago, the world population was almost static at about 5 million people, apart from fluctuations of a million or two, due to famines, wars and plagues. Apart from starvation, war and disease, the other great killer of the time was poisoning. That’s right. Poisoning. People got sick and died from eating the wrong things.

This must come as a shock to people who believe that natural is best because chemicals are generally toxic. But there is no clear distinction here. Chemical compounds and natural products can be equally toxic when compared as whole groups. Ever heard of hemlock?

Socrates was killed by Hemlock. Then there is Oleander, a small tree that grows in many parks and domestic gardens. It can be lethal. Devil’s Helmut is another. Angel’s Trumpet is also on the list of the world’s most deadly plants. Also on the list is Manchineel, or Little Apple of Death. Just brushing against it can have lethal consequences. Cerbera Odollam (the Suicide Tree) is a relative of the Oleander and has highly toxic seeds. Then at the top of the list is Ricinus Communis (Castor Oil Plant) which is regarded as the world’s most poisonous plant, but one that takes lives at a leisurely pace of 3-5 days while the victim suffers the most excruciating manner imaginable. But these plants are just taken from the list of the top ten worst.

Altogether there are thousands of toxic plants around the world. We only know that lettuce, cabbage and carrots are safe because someone ate them and survived. If you venture into the forest and just start randomly eating things, the chances are you won’t survive.

Herbalism is not something to be fooled around with by people who don’t know what they are doing. Before the advent of modern pharmaceuticals, herbal and traditional medicines were the best that was available. Mostly they did little good and often did a lot of harm.

While it must be acknowledged that increased life expectancy can be attributed to many things, the advent of modern pharmaceuticals has been paramount. In the earliest days of natural remedies life expectancy was only about 20 years. Organised farming, mechanisation and distribution raised world life expectancy to about 30 years. The industrial revolution raised it further, and modern medicine further again. In 2016 Monaco has the world’s longest living residents with a life expectancy from birth of 89.47 years, while Swaziland at 49.18 years is the place to go to for the shortest life. The world average life expectancy from birth is now 71.4 years.

The development and testing of pharmaceuticals is an expensive business and unfortunately the benefit of reliable remedies has only reached large numbers of people in the most affluent countries, which are also the countries with the highest life expectancy. Elsewhere, most people can only afford unreliable traditional medicines.

But surely, you may ask, natural cures are better than chemical cures? Well, it’s not quite as straight-forward as that. There is much blurring of the margins between natural and chemical, or traditional and manufactured. It could be said that everything in the world is derived from a natural source, and that everything is ultimately chemical in nature. But in terms of medicines, there is a huge difference.

Producers of herbal remedies are not required to undergo the research, development and testing of their products that pharmaceutical companies are. The herbal peddlers are quite often nothing more than snake-oil salesmen. Typically, they spend a few cents on the ingredients and a fortune on advertising their supposedly magic cures. Genuine money-back guarantees are as rare as their cures. Often, a later feeling of well-being may simply be due to the placebo effect where the patient gets better for a time, because they expect to get better.

On the other hand, manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, who, incidentally, also use many plant extracts as well as minerals, invest millions of dollars researching and developing their products, testing them and providing reasonable proof as to their effectiveness and safety, before putting them on the market. The cost is extremely high and the revenue from successful products must also cover the cost of the many products that failed along the way and never reached the market, or were withdrawn soon after.

Old habits, customs and traditions die hard, and the modern pharmaceutical industry has always struggled with its reputation when compared with the honest little people of the natural world of ancient and natural medicine. So let’s have a look at a snapshot in the history of these little people and their products.

At the start of the twentieth century, governments in most western democracies started trying to reign in these witch-doctor remedies, but it wasn’t easy. Many peddlers of cures, when shut down, would pop up again with a new name and new label. One of the best known (and most useless) products was Beecham’s Pills with the all-embracing claim to cure once and for all constipation, headache, dizziness, wind, pain, spasms, restlessness, insomnia, indigestion, lack of appetite, liver complaints, cold chills, hot flushes, low spirits and nervous afflictions, insanity, scurvy, pimples, blotches, ulcers, wounds, kidney and urinary infections. The Beecham pill consisted entirely of aloe, ginger and soap. The was only one way that Beecham’s pills could give relief from any ailment and that was to take a lethal overdose. But Beecham nevertheless became Lord Beecham.

There was also Dr Williams’ Pink Pills for Pale People. In addition to giving patients their colour back, these Pinkies could cure anaemia, sciatica, paralysis and rheumatism as well as lady’s complaints and loss of manly strength. This mixture of sulphate of iron, potassium carbonate, magnesium, liquorice and sugar sold to the faithful at 360 times its production cost.

So for people who don’t trust the medical establishment, there is little hope. They certainly should not be trusting their lives to quacks and frauds and unauthenticated Facebook medical rumour.