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Immigration laws work best for criminals

Immigration laws, supposedly to protect local workers from immigrant workers taking their jobs, are a fantasy.
New Zealand Member of Parliament,
Rajen Prasad

Throughout history local workers everywhere have always mistakenly protested against an ‘invasion’ of foreign workers. But the reality has always been that foreign workers have a high demand for homes, cars, and consumer goods and services. They create an expanding economy with more taxes and more jobs to help meet the demands of a new and expanding population.

Great nations have always been built on immigration and will continue to be in the future. There is no magic point in history marking the only time when the world was perfect.

The opposite of economic expansion, recession, happens when people start leaving a country at a faster rate than those arriving: Houses sit unrented and unsold, factories and shops close, and people lose their jobs. In this situation the tax take diminishes at a time when there is an increased demand for government spending.

That is the fallacy of restrictive immigration laws.

But there is also a seedy side to this immigration nonsense. This has been highlighted by New Zealand Labour Party MP Rajen Prasad who says that the current law is fine but there needs to be better enforcement of immigration laws. He says immigration crime and scams are widespread, and that is true, but Mr Prasard only understands half the situation.

Australia's first immigrants.
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There is wholesale corruption, crime and scams in which ordinary immigrant workers and their families get hurt and it is all quite unnecessary. Restrictive immigration laws are put in place by politicians who are pressured to do so by ill-informed and/or racially biased voters.

Any country that has an immigration crime problem can easily remove the problem by removing some of the restrictions and openly welcoming new, law abiding immigrants. The immigration criminals will then need to look elsewhere, or get legitimate jobs.

So if the restrictions are removed how can a country avoid a ‘foreign takeover?’

Well firstly, the foreign takeover is a myth. Only a tiny proportion of the world’s seven billion people can afford to change countries, and even fewer would actually want to change.

But governments can tackle this problem in the same way that they have learned to overcome trade barriers. They can strike reciprocal deals with other nations, one on one or groups of nations; accept our citizens and we will accept yours with the same wages, conditions and benefits as our own.

Sunday, 12 January 2014


Green Beans, fact or fiction – read the reports and you decide

Desperate to lose weight? Ready to try anything? 

Remember, most weight loss diets and remedies don’t work, but selling them is a major world industry. The peddlers of these mostly suspect remedies know that it is easier to separate obese people from their rolls of cash than from their rolls of fat.

While some people may have medical conditions (or medicines) that make them put on weight, most overweight people simply eat too much, and exercise too little.

When reading the reports below remember that’s it’s easy to copy and paste the logos of CNN, CBC and others to add ‘authenticity’ to the claims. The first report is nothing less than a pure and simple advertisement.

The full item carries a large number of ‘comments’ from users of the magic beans. But all the comments have a strangely familiar ring to them and I’d bet a gallon of gold to a bucket of beans that they were all written by the same paid scribe. has this to say about green coffee beans:

Unfortunately, like most weight loss products and diet pills, the evidence suggests that green coffee extract doesn’t live up to the hype. Health experts are very critical of the study supporting green coffee bean supplements as a diet aid. Plus, complaints filed by Scambook users indicate that the manufacturers of green coffee extract might be ripping off consumers with hidden fees. - See more at:

Updated January 12, 2014 - The Green Coffee Bean Extract is the latest buzz in the "battle of the bulge". Since recently being studied on a popular doctor television show, millions of people are praising this so called "miracle weight loss pill". Surprisingly, many people who struggle daily with their weight have yet to hear about this powerful supplement.
I am a true skeptic about all weight loss supplements. Since seeing on Dr. Oz, I have read numerous reviews and compared many of the green coffee bean extract brands. When I read this one so pure and real, I was sold, but still skeptical. I received my order in a matter of a few days,even before the estimated delivery dates and began taking it immediately. I was so impressed that my hunger was curbed and being caffeine sensitive, I didn't feel the least bit jittery! I am seeing great results and have ordered 2 more bottles. This is a mainstay for me!

Health Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract
There are Many !
Chlorogenic acid, the key component of green coffee bean extract, is a powerful natural anitoxidant which combats free radicals in the blood stream. The affect is to slow down the aging process, and improve circulation and muscle tone.

The major anti-oxidant in green coffee bean extract, chlorogenic acid, inhibits the release of the G6P enzyme which has been shown to significantly stabilizes blood sugar levels, so diabetics can definitely benefit from taking this supplement. Diabetics can also benefit greatly from any reduction in weight that may occur from taking green coffee bean extract, as well.

That is only one of the reasons that this research is so exciting. According to studies published in the Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal, green coffee bean extract may just be the first weight reduction product ever that actually delivers on its promises.

In a study recently published in the LA Times, participants were supplemented with green coffee bean and strictly monitored for 12 weeks. On average, the participants lost 17 lbs each. That's 16% of their overall body fat and 10.5% body weight. But that's not the most amazing part. What really got us excited is that these participants did not change anything in their daily routine or diet. Let me repeat that - the people in this study lost 17 pounds without any additional diet or exercise. The full results of this study can be found by clicking here.
To date, green coffee beans are probably the most effective weapon for weight loss and combating obesity. You will not find a more effective solution to weight gain, hands down.
What To Expect With Green Coffee Bean Max:
We're sure you've tried a lot of different weight loss products that all promise to do amazing things then don't deliver. That shouldn't be the case, so we're going to tell you what we experienced when we tried Green Coffee Bean Max:

·         Potent Fat Burner
·         Effective Appetite Suppressant
·         Works Quickly, Proven Results
·         Affordable Prices
·         Tremendous Weight loss results
·         Increase in Focus
·         Energy Throughout the day
·         No Crash
Green Coffee Bean Max  stands above other products on the market. Most products on the market get their extract from a different source than that of the clinical studies. They do this to cut down on costs, but at the same time, it cuts down on effectiveness. In addition, they don't give the correct dose. By having a cheaper more inferior product, customers need to buy more in order to have the same results. If they see small weight loss, they buy more of it. It might be good business, but poor practice.

Sorry, Dr. Oz, Green Coffee Can't Even Slim Down Chubby Mice
by Michaeleen Doucleff  June 14, 201312:14 PM
Raw, green coffee beans. To roast or not?
The diet world has a new golden child: green coffee extract.
A "miracle fat burner!" "One of the most important discoveries made" in weight loss science, the heart surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz said about the little pills — which are produced by grinding up raw, unroasted coffee, and then soaking the result in alcohol to pull out the antioxidants.
But alas, the history of dieting is littered with failed concoctions and potions. And now, a study in mice casts doubts on green coffee's weight-loss benefits — and even offers some preliminary evidence that it could be harmful.
The main ingredient in green coffee extract — an antioxidant called chlorogenic acid — didn't help obese mice shed the pounds over a 12-week period, scientists at the University of Western Australia reported in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Instead, the compound gave the little rodents the early symptoms of diabetes: The animals were less sensitive to insulin and had higher blood-sugar levels between meals, compared with their overweight comrades who didn't get the antioxidant.
Of course, mice aren't people. And such experiments don't prove that green coffee extract isn't safe. But even in people, the evidence that the supplement melts off pounds is, well, slim.
A meta-analysis a few years ago combined the results from three small, short-term trials. The authors found that green coffee extract was associated with losing about 5 pounds. But this slimming effect vanished when the authors analyzed the two studies that used the type of supplement recommended by Dr. Oz — green coffee extract enriched with chlorogenic acid.
More recently, Oz himself jumped into the research realm and offered his own evidence that green coffee isn't a fraud, as he puts it.
Oz had about 100 women from his audience run an experiment. He sent half of them pills with green coffee extract and the other half placebos. "We found that taking green coffee extract doubles your weight loss," Oz said on his TV show in September.
Sounds fantastic. But let's take a closer look at the study. It lasted two weeks. And on average, the women who took the coffee extract dropped 2 pounds, while those who got the placebo lost an average of 1 pound. Was the difference statistically significant? We don't know. Oz hasn't published the experiment, and his people didn't respond to our request for comment.
But here's the kicker: Both groups also kept journals recording their diets. And there's strong evidence that keeping track of your diet does improve weight loss.
And a journal is cheaper than green coffee pills. Even Oz admits that. "I know $30 a day costs a lot," he said on his show. "If that's too much for you, the free option is a food journal."

Forget about real life fakes and frauds. Read real fiction instead!
Ebooks by Peter Blakeborough


The convict settlers of New South Wales
From Nathaniel’s Bloodline, an ebook novel by Peter Blakeborough

The years passed quickly as Nathaniel and Isobel witnessed the expansion of settlement into the New South Wales hinterland. The Government continuously opened up new areas for settlement with land grants but it was almost always the upper class elite who acquired the largest and most fertile lands. In addition to convicts, free settlers hungry for land flooded into the colony while ex-convicts, their native-born sons, and the working classes were rarely given an opportunity to acquire land. Furthermore, the plight of the emancipist laborers was exacerbated by the abundance of free convict labor which reduced the wages of hired help. Thirty-five year-old Nathaniel, worn out from a long day at the forge in sweltering heat, slumped into a home-made chair in the one room shack with a dirt floor.  
‘I think we’ve missed our chance for a land grant,’ he said to Isobel.
‘What are yer talkin’ about?’ Isobel chided. ‘Our best chance was gettin’ nicked an’ bein’ sent here. If we’d stayed in England in them conditions we’d no doubt be dead by now. We ain’t missed no chance.’
‘I know. I didn’t mean it like that. It’s just that a long time ago I had me heart set on a land grant. Now it seems as far away as ever an’ we’re not gettin’ no younger, Isobel, me dear.’
‘No one deserves a grant more than you.’
‘Only chance I see’s is if the explorers can cross the mountains. There’s nothin’ left this side an’ some folks say there’s millions o’ acres fer the takin’ just over the blue hills t’ the west,’ Nathaniel said.
‘Some folks believe that China is just beyond them hills. That’s why the convicts who go bush always head that way an’ let’s face it there ain’t many comes back.’
‘Maybe not China but some believe that over the blue hills lies a vast inland sea an’ millions of acres of fertile land just waitin’ fer the takin’.’
Outside the shack they could hear running feet and an instant later bare-footed eleven-year-old Andrew Asker burst through the door, breathing hard. 
The author
‘Pa! Pa! I just heard some gentlemen talking. There’s goin’ to be an expedition to the blue hills again. They said they need people to help an’ the helpers will get land grants when they find the inland sea an’ plains. Pa, I wanna go with them an’ I wanna land grant big enough fer the whole family.’
‘Well, son, yer pa wanted a land grant when ’e was your age but they said he couldn’t get one until he was one an’ twenty. So yer see there ain’t much point in yer going yet. But some day yer will ’ave yer own block,’ Isobel assured him.
‘Some things take time, son,’ Nathaniel reminded the lad. ‘It’s almost five an’ twenty years since I first put me feet on these shores an’ it ain’t been easy but life is better now than ever before. When your time comes to be a man it will be even better. Yer just ‘ave t’ be patient.’
‘Okay, Pa,’ Andrew said, his spirit dampened.
‘Who was the gents’ yer heard talkin’?’
‘There were three o’ them, Pa. Mr Blaxland, Mr Lawson an’ the younger Mr Wentworth. They were near Government House an’ they talked about Governor Macquarie.’
‘It’s well known that Mr Macquarie wants to open up new lands an’ if anyone dishes out the land fairly it’ll be him.’ Nathaniel turned back to Isobel. ‘Wadda yer think? Should I call on Mr Blaxland?’
‘No gain without venture, as they say,’ Isobel quipped. ‘I’ll support yer all the way, if yer think yer can still do it at your age.’
Nathaniel reflected for a moment. He was one of an ever-diminishing number of surviving First Fleeters. Friends like John Hudson, Tom Barrett and Mary Tomlinson were long gone. New South Wales was a land where young adventurers with means could have good lives, but where the less fortunate, while infinitely better off than in England, could still have short, miserable lives. Nathaniel considered himself in good health and able to keep up with men ten years his junior. The colonial sun and the physical work in the forge had favored him. He also had the benefit of previous experience in the blue hills on one of George Marcroft’s attempts to find a way to the inland. He’d learned to handle a musket, shoot a kangaroo, make a campfire and construct a temporary shelter from the provisions of nature.
‘I could still do it,’ he said confidently . . . .

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