Wednesday, 19 July 2017


The accusations of crimes and corruption have reached Mafia proportions

When United States President Bill Clinton launched the Clinton Foundation in 1997, he probably had no idea of the scale of the criticism that would be levelled at him and the Clinton family over the next two decades. If he had, he may have thought differently about the foundation and charity.

The charity, originally named the William J Clinton Foundation, was also briefly known as the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation, but for simplicity, here it will just be referred to as the Clinton Foundation.
Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton

Bill Clinton was a popular president and world leader, but not without controversy, criticism and accusations of wrongdoing. In 1998, he faced impeachment on two charges of perjury, one charge of abuse of power, and a charge of obstruction of justice. In 1999 Clinton was acquitted of all four charges with some Republicans voting not guilty and all charges falling well short of the two-thirds required for conviction. So, as a former President, he was always going to be controversial. With his First Lady then becoming a highly visible Democrat politician too, they became enduring targets for those with strong political views other than Democrat.

Initially, Clinton’s fundraising efforts were concentrated on setting up the Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock, Arkansas, where he was a former Governor. After his term as President ended in 2001, he used his worldwide fame and ability to encourage business executives, celebrities and foreign government leaders to make the Foundation a successful worldwide organization.

Today, the Clinton Foundation is headquartered in New York City, has over 2,000 employees and a gross income of over $225 million of which 88% reaches the charity targets. The Clintons themselves do not draw any personal income from the Foundation or any of its numerous offshoots.

The Clinton programs and initiatives include CHAI (Clinton Health Access Initiative) which supplies medical aid to Africa and other areas; The Clinton Global Citizen Awards, for outstanding individuals who exemplify global citizenship through vision and leadership; the Clinton Climate Initiative, which runs programs to prevent deforestation and to rehabilitate landscapes worldwide, develop clean energy and help nations threatened by rising sea levels; the Clinton Development Initiative, to target poverty in Africa and promote sustainable economic growth; the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, (with the American Heart Foundation) working to end childhood obesity; Disaster relief funding following the 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake and Hurricane Katrina in 2005; the No Ceilings Project, a partnership between the Clinton Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to gather data on the progress of Women and children around the world.

The Clintons are a wealthy family. According to Forbes the couple earned $240 million in the 15 years since 2001. This came from author royalties, speaking fees and business consulting. Apart from the Clinton Foundation, they also have a private charity foundation into which they have contributed another $14 million.

So, what could possibly be bad about the Clintons? A lot, according to their millions of enemies worldwide. The Clintons are said to be guilty of murder, tax evasion, corruption, theft, misappropriation, witness intimidation, obstruction of justice, and almost every other crime imaginable. Social media and news sites are awash with Clinton crimes and accusations. Let’s look at some of them.

Going back to July 20, 1993 is the case of Deputy White House counsel Vincent Foster who was found dead in Virginia. Foster’s death has been ruled a suicide by six official investigations, but still the claims and conspiracy theories persist that he was murdered at the direction of Bill Clinton. Read what Snopes has to say about the Clinton body count. If you don’t trust Snopes (and many with extremist views don’t) you may opt to check the body count on Skeptoid or on some other fact checking site of your own choosing.

There is still a persistent rumour that Hillary Clinton enriched herself by claiming tax deduction and then taking money from the Foundation. For the truth, go to snopes again. Other false and/or misleading claims against Hillary Clinton include her use of a private email server for government business, her handling of the Benghazi incident, the list goes on.

But nothing has tarnished the Clinton reputation more than the wild, false and baseless accusations of the most dishonest President in the history of the United States, Donald J Trump, himself a confirmed liar, cheat, bankrupt, bully, racist, and abuser of females. For those who doubt this charge, go to and see for yourself.

But how reliable are the fact checking sites? Much of the information in this blog post has been sourced from, a world renowned unbiased source of reliable information. Fact checking should always be undertaken before sharing or commenting on controversial matters seen on social media, or news sites suspected of being partisan or satirical. Here is a site to sort out the sites:

The Clinton are great Americans and do not deserve the venom that has been heaped on them. It is scandalous that Trump, the Republicans and spiteful people in America and elsewhere have done so much to destroy their reputation. It is scandalous, harmful, grossly unfair and just plain evil.