Thursday, 20 September 2012


More Europe mags
publish Kate photos
 Thursday Sep 20, 2012 New Zealand Herald

A Swedish celebrity magazine published controversial pictures of Prince William's wife Catherine sunbathing topless, a day before its Danish sister magazine was to do the same.
The Swedish magazine Se och Hoer splashed 11 pictures, taken during the couple's vacation in southern France several weeks ago, over three pages.
Five of the photographs show the princess' bare breasts, and one grainy shot taken from the front shows her removing her turquoise-colored bikini bottoms.
The magazine was the fourth publication to print the paparazzi pictures which have outraged the British royal family.
They were first published by French magazine Closer last week, then in Ireland's Daily Star and Italy's Chi magazine. They have already been widely circulated on the internet . . . .

Full story: nzherald

Peter’s Piece

This magazine and others appear to be laughing at the ‘fines’ they may have to pay because they are going to make a lot more money from the extra circulation and advertising revenue.

A Proceeds of Crimes Act, applied to the news media, would make them think again about what they publish, if they had to hand over the extra profits as well as pay a fine.