Monday, 24 September 2012


Air New Zealand may consider
direct South America flights
Natasha Burling Newstalk ZB
An Air New Zealand Boeing B-777-300ER

It's believed Air New Zealand is weighing up a plan to offer direct flights to Buenos Aires, on a permanent basis.
A charter flight for the All Blacks, fans and media put on by the airline touched down in the Argentine capital yesterday.
The team is there to play the Pumas in the Investec Rugby Championship.
Peter Clark says the airline flew a Boeing 777-300-ER, a large twin-engine aircraft.
He says Air New Zealand has met the standard with the Civil Aviation Authority.
Peter Clark says the flight's very important because it's the first route-proving flight for a twin-engine operation out of New Zealand to South America.
Aerolineas Argentinas stopped flying direct between Buenos Aires and Auckland on July 1.

Peter’s Piece

Air New Zealand has a unique opportunity to expand its network with direct flights between New Zealand and South America.

South America has a population greater than the US and Canada combined and although there is a large gap between the poorest and richest countries on the continent, they are generally better off today than ever before.

Trade and tourism between South America and the rest of the world is increasing and it won’t have gone unnoticed at Air New Zealand that the 2016 Olympic Games will be held on the continent.

Air New Zealand will be in a strong position, through its Auckland hub, to connect South America to the Australian and Asian cities that it already serves. In addition the airline may later have an opportunity to extend the service to Europe.